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Medical Recovery Services will support you in getting your physicians fully credentialed and validated with your payer panel.

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Evaluate your physical system from the time a patient is referred for a service or otherwise enters the care continuum to the receipt of a patient statement.

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High deductible plans mean patients bear a greater financial responsibility. Our Patient Estimation application helps you and your patient address this challenge together.

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We understand the overlap experienced between managed care contracts and the charge master.  Let us help you manage that intersection.

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Every hospital and their contracts are unique. Post-adjudication claim audit is a valuable diagnostic tool that is used to review your contracts and processes, and may even result in additional revenue.

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Managed Care Contracting & Financial Mod

Every hospital deals with many insurances and managed care contracts. We can perform contract negotiation directly or assist indirectly.


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Medical Recovery Services can provide a skilled negotiator to work with you and for you during negotiations with out of network payers or single-case agreements.


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